Chinese Traditional Wedding—-Tibetan Ethnic Minority

Tibet, as one of most traditional minorities in China, has its special and ethnic wedding culture. The Tibetan wedding comes with sincerest wishes and joyful atmosphere to for an expression of praise for better life and dreamed happiness.

On the morning of the wedding day, the bride’s parents are not allowed to accompany her; they can do nothing but say good-bye to their beloved daughter in their home. The well-dressed bride will receive the first hada and best wishes from parents before leaving. Among all the relatives, the bride’s uncle plays most important role and represents the supreme authority.

In front of the groom’s house, there is white felt adorned with wild oat for the bride to cross over before entering the groom’s home. Then the couple will exchange their love token, receive the wishes from the elder and also give hada to them.To presenting hada is a special ceremony only in our ethnic groups such as Tu ethnic group and Lhoba ethnic group.

The first step of wedding is to ask the monks to make prayers of conjuration and to choose a proper time for the wedding. And both sides of the couple should prepare various foods for all the guests.

The Tibetans must wear their traditional clothes on the weddings.And the bride’s outfit is hardly can be seen in usual times. The bridal outfit is usually expensive and costs about 1,0000RMB at least.

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