To Be a Baseball Bride

Have you ever stayed up late watching the baseball match during your campus life? The baseball may wake up many memorable moments of the youth for both of you if you are fanatical fans of it. Meanwhile, as June is right in the middle of baseball season, so today I recommend this baseball themed wedding to you and here are some ideas to help you brainstorm for your own baseball themed wedding.

Baseball themed weddings allow you to personalize their wedding day experience in a way that is truly unique, meaningful, and not to mention, fun! Guests attending your baseball themed wedding will marvel at the small touches you incorporate into your baseball theme wedding. These small touches tend to allow your guests to quickly feel more comfortable and participate in the baseball fan experience you’re looking to provide.

A baseball themed wedding invitation that’s designed to look like a ticket from your local ballpark is a great start. In continuing with the baseball feel, tickets will be put in alphabetized boxes of peanuts and indicated which section and seat the guests were to sit in. You can specifically create the table names as sections that were displayed on paper baseballs. The food for a baseball themed wedding should be all your favorite baseball stadium foods. You can serve ballpark themed foods as appetizers such as mini ballpark franks, soft pretzels with mustard, coke in classic glass bottles, or roasted peanuts.

For the favors, it will be a fabulous idea to give your guests custom embossed baseballs hand signed by both of you, mini plastic baseball helmets or catcher’s mitts with your wedding date and logo, mini boxes of Cracker Jacks and roasted peanuts, engraved baseball bat shaped pens, personalized mini baseball bats and custom made pennants. 

It will be nice to prepare some props for guests to have fun with while getting their pictures taken. So you distinguished guests will have much fun with the backdrop and really get into character with the bats, baseballs and gloves!

If it is possible, it cannot be more wonderful than setting your vows at a baseball stadium, and the most important thing is to leave your guests with the impression that they’re in for a day at the ballpark.

If you ever dreamed to be a baseball player, but never did it, this June you could choose to enjoy being a distinctive and charming baseball bride!

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