Wedding is considered as one of the most auspicious occasions in one’s life. Every one of us desires to make our special day memorable and planning is done carefully so that nothing goes wrong on that special day. It can turn into a horrible occasion if something goes wrong suddenly on that day. So, it is suggested to start with good planning to make the special day more interesting. There is special tool used by the people of Eastern Asia known as Geomantic. It is believed that this tool helps them a lot and everything goes smoothly in an event if this tool is used.

Legend believed that the old man of the moon according to Chinese mythology, Yueh Lao controls and preordains the marriages of mortals. According to Chinese mythology this old man of moon ties a red thread to the couple in order to unite them forever as wife and husband. The Chinese Feng Shui or Geomantic believes that a mandarin pair or yin/yang ducks that is tied with a red cord if placed in the south west area of the couple’s room then it brings happiness in the relationship and maintains the romance between the couple.

1. Auspicious Date and Time: If you want to maintain long happy relationship then it is advised that you should take help of a Geomantic consultant to decide the time and date that would be auspicious for your special wedding day. It is even suggested that engagement date announcement should also be made on some auspicious day after consulting with Chinese Feng Shui Consultant.

2. Wedding Dress: When it comes to wedding dress then there is a vast difference between the traditional Chinese wedding dress and western wedding dress. In Chinese wedding the bridal dress incorporates both golden and red color and white color is strict no-no in Chinese wedding. Considering the importance of white bridal dress in the western tradition it is advisable that the bride can deceitfully make use of red color suspenders and traditionally crimson thigh garter beneath their white grown for good luck as it is believed that red color emits yang energy that possibly arouses passion on the night of honeymoon.

3. Wedding Rings: Chinese Feng Shui even suggests types of wedding rings for bride as well as for groom. The wedding ring for bride should have crimson phoenix or Feng Huang embossed and the ring of the groom should possess symbol of a dragon having five claws. It is suggested because it is believed that the amalgamation of phoenix and dragon is the crucial sign of martial bliss and it is also considered as good luck charm.

4. Invitation Cards: The wedding invitations should possess both golden and red color that too with a symbol of phoenix and dragon because it brings loads of happiness and good luck not only to the couple and their families but also the guest attending the wedding ceremony,

5. Wedding Cake: For good luck it is advisable to embellish the wedding cake of white color with red calligraphy to double the happiness of the wedding ceremony.

6. Wedding Carriage: Make sure that you make arrangement to tow your wedding carriage with gold and red ribbons to the holy church as already mentioned these two colors are considered as most propitious colors to bring good fortune.

7. Wedding Reception: The venue of the wedding reception should not only be spacious but it should be bright also. Make arrangement to serve the meals on round table instead of long rectangular tables as they are considered more sociable and auspicious at the same time. Try to incorporate yellow, gold and red colors for good fortune wherever possible like you can use them for napkins, table cover etc.

8. Bridal Trousseau: Bridal Trousseau consisting of linen, blankets and her clothing should be of colors as predicted in the Feng Shui chart. This chart is based on the personal elements of the bride. For instance, if the element of bride is water then her wardrobe should include and blue and black clothes similarly if her element is wood then her wardrobe should have collection of green clothes. The same rule is also applicable for the groom as well.

9. Wedding Jeweler: The jewelry selected for wedding should include rings, brooches, pendants, and cuff links and tie pins – for groom. But all the jewelers select for wedding should have the symbol of dragon with dragon crap or phoenix for double happiness. You may also go with the jeweler having the symbol of peonies and fish for prosperity and happiness.

10. Wedding Bed: The headboard of the wedding bed should not be near to windows and the couple should not sleep at night by pointing their feet towards the entrance of the room. Moreover, the bed should be placed in such a way that it is not reflected by any mirror. If in case the couple desires to initiate their family early then it is advisable that the couple should place a fertility symbol in their room on the wedding night. The fertility symbol can be anything such as oranges, pomegranates etc the seeds available in these fruits are abundant and it indicates many descendants according to Chinese Feng Shui.