Stylish Wedding Dress—Luxury and Two-piece

Today, I would like to introduce you another two types of wedding gown, named as ‘Luxury’ and ‘Two piece’ for your options.

1- Luxury Wedding Dress

With the development of wedding dress in its long history, especially, in 17th to 18th century, the magnificent and luxury baroque art and portable rococo art presented the dress a grand and glorious style in maximum. The luxury wedding dress was appeared around that period.

Normally, the luxury wedding dress plays the most important role among all wedding styles.


The pictures showed above are the Luxury Wedding Dress. No doubt, the gorgeous style, which designed by top-level designers could always brighten up bride’s eyes when they are choosing wedding dress for their big day. Usually speaking, designers always present the luxury element by its complicated multi-layers, fashion and careful cut with the mostly floral, beading, embroidery and crystal combination designs.

Elegant satin, chiffon and light tulle are the best choice for making a classic luxury wedding dress, and it is a new fashion trend that the luxury wedding dress is becoming more popular nowadays again and most of worldwide fashionable dress brand can simplify the luxury inspiration into the functional wedding dress and be the good choice for most fashioned brides in their wedding.

2- Two-piece Wedding Dress

In this part, I am happy to introduce the other style of Two-piece Wedding Dress by the demonstration of above picture to you.

From its whole appearance, this set of wedding dress can be divided into two separate parts: the upper corselet and the lower skirt sweep. Sweetheart neckline design is embellished by a vertical flared beading line, which formed to be a totality with the bride’s beading necklace in the upper part. The ruffled layer of upper corselet adds more or less cute and lovely element to the bride, meanwhile, the elegant satin and laced skirt sweep also bring the dignified and luxury feeling in vision, although the simple design and lines of this white two-piece wedding dress. 


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