Stylish Wedding Dress- Chapel Train and Watteau Train

As we all known, every bride is looking for the best wedding dress which fits her body figure and can also emphasize her individuality and personal style. I believe every woman has ever pretended to be a bride by tying bath towels to waists and waltzing down the aisle when she was a girl. But now you’re engaged and it is time to decide what train length is perfect for you. Styles usually range from non-existent to sever feet long. This time I will bring you two kinds of fashionable wedding dresses- chapel train and Watteau train wedding dress.

As the most common and popular length, chapel train usually flows about three to five feet behind the wedding dress. It may please you if you want to have an elegant and noticeable appearance without so much cumber. I suggest you choose some shorter train wedding dress if you are very active or at all clumsy.

Chapel train is very versatile, as it can either be bustled under the gown with a French bustle, or brought up to the outside with little buttons or hooks. You can decorate some pleats or some other embellishments in the back to cover the hardware. It is also convenient for you to wear it over the wrist for the reception through the loop at the end of the train.

Watteau train is an unusual train that attaches to the top of your dress at the shoulders or upper back and flows down to the floor. The length of the train usually not only depends on the formality of the wedding, on the location, season and theme of the wedding, but also on personal style. It is either the same length as the gown or extends a few feet behind the bride.

Watteau train wedding dress may be your best choice, if you are looking for some extra drama for your train. It is quite suitable for spring or summer wedding ceremony as to its flowing, breezy and airy feeling and touch. Anyone who wants to be a modern bride or who is planning to have a beach wedding can choose it, which may create a contemporary romantic look, and add some elegant, stylish and formal elements to your whole appearance.

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