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When you were young you would have definitely dreamt of your prince charming coming to marry you. You would imagine yourself in a white gown waiting for him. One always wishes that this special day become the best day of their life. Most of the girls have always seen themselves in a white gown but one is not able to understand how this trend came in. Though it is a tradition but still one might be interested in its origin.

Women Haven’t Always Been Marrying in White

Though the fashion has dominated the culture but still there are many people who still love to carry on the tradition and wear the white gowns only. The tradition is so much in their blood that they had always thought themselves wearing the white gown and not any other color. It was long before they could actually find a partner for their life and wear the same dress.

Britain is the place which is full of traditions and this is the reason why it is considered that this tradition began from English monarchy. When Queen Victoria got married she wore a white gown and since then the same culture has been prevailing and people will follow it.

Queen Victoria was married in the year 1840 and her dress was considered to be a style statement. The tradition did not begin at that time but still some of the women liked the attire very much and so they thought that they would also wear the same dress and the same color.

Most of the people feel that white is the color meant for virtue but it was nothing like that. On the other hand white was considered the symbol of wealth. People who got married in the white dress were known as extravagant. It was difficult to wear that dress again because it is not so easy to clean the white dress. The same condition persists at this time also.

The women tried different shades and styles of dresses which suited them. It was nothing related to the tradition or following the custom. There were only few people who walked on the footsteps of English monarchy. But then again this tradition was seen in full form during the Edwardian times. The Coco channel came up with the knee length gowns having the white color along with the beautiful train.

Later when the first world was ended and the Second World War approached most of the women bought the dresses which were reasonable for them. There was nothing like wearing the white was the tradition and so women went for colorful gowns. This kept on for decades and decades. The women who wore white dress in their wedding used the same dress after getting it dyed. So only the people who were rich could afford a lavish dress.

But during the 1950’s women got attracted with the beauty and charm of the Hollywood stars and the white gowns came in to fashion again. It was all because the celebrities wore the exclusive white gown on weddings and other ceremonies.

Wedding Dresses of Different Colors: A bit of folklore

Every color has its significance so same is the case when the bride wears a particular color gown. There is much folklore which the people are familiar with while some of them are given below.

Marrying in white is best but if you wear green you are ashamed to be seen. Marrying in red color brings death for that person while blue color signifies truth and royalty. If you marry in yellow you will be ashamed of your fellow and marrying in black is wishing yourself back. Pink color will sink all your happiness.

This is just a rhyme and most people do not believe in it. It is just that every color ahs its own meaning and that the colors together firm an excellent rhyme. There is no such trend that one cannot marry in pink, black and blue dresses. It is all about your thinking ability as there are many people who are enjoying a happy married life. There are people who have married in a white gown and still not happy.

Ordering Your Wedding Dress Online

Nowadays women do not prefer to marry in white dresses only but they want to try something unique. There are so many styles which they can try and colors ranging from deep red to black. You can also personalize your dresses according to your body and the shape you want. Not only the women but even the celebrities are changing this tradition and are trying bright shades which look very awesome.

There is a special class of people who still get married in white dress only and they are the royal class. Nowadays it is very difficult to find to find dresses and hence different colors are mixed together to give a brilliant look. Even the material which is used includes silk and net fabrics which are quite famous.

You have so unique options that you can try out different styles and fabrics which will make your day a special one. There is no need to think about anything as you can design your dress and add decorative things to enhance its beauty

With the help of the internet you will be able to find a number of options for your wedding dress. You can contact the online planners who will design the dress for yourself and in the price you want. Whether you are looking for a satin white gown or you are in search of colorful and classy gown you will find every type of stuff that you want. The internet will help you to make an ideal choice for your dress.

Some of the vibrant and stylish dresses available on internet are:-

Traditional wedding gowns

Informal wedding dresses

Designer wedding dresses

Coloured wedding gowns

Gothic or medieval style wedding gowns

Short wedding dresses

Long wedding dresses

Even material can be selected on the basis of your comfort level. You can take online help and get hold of the most stunning dress to make you look gorgeous. Hope your selection is unique and the future generations can also use it.

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