There are many different wedding ceremonies in Mongolian, and Ordos Wedding is one of the most unique and appealing wedding ceremonies. It combines the best of folk customs with traditional art and shows the best of Mongolian customs and rites. The entire process of it usually lasts for three days and nights.

A day before the wedding the groom has to build a yurt as a bridal chamber at the east of his father’s yurt. The wedding always begins at dusk and goes on till midnight. When guest arrive at the banquet hall, the bride’s parent acts as a welcoming party, preparing lamb and making toasts to them.

The next day, after dressing up, the bride will leaves home to the groom’s house. At parting, tears usually pours down the bride’s face, this “Crying marriage” custom is not only on Ordos wedding ceremony, but also exists in many other ethnic minority, such as bride of Yi ethnic minority, Tujia ethnic minority should cry as well as sing “Crying marriage song” three or seven days before wedding. At the same time, under the leadership of well-wisher, the groom starts “Snatching the bride” while the maidens accompany the bride, protecting her against the groom’s party. At last, the groom wins as a matter of course. When seeing the brides off, the bride’s relatives always sing ancient songs.

On their way home there are some organized games and competitions. When they nearly arrive at groom’s yurt, the bride has to “Jump fire” under the Hermori flagpole standing in front of the yurt, hoping for prosperity. Then the bride enters the yurt. After groom’s parent answers the question and the mother-in-law unveils the veil of the bride and gives her a new name, the whole-lamb banquet starts and lasts until dawn. The next morning, the new couple will hold another banquet to see the guests off.