How to Find the Perfect Wedding Flowers For Your Hair

It is really a daunting task for every bride to find out the ideal wedding flowers especially for the hair. It becomes really very hurdle for most of the brides to select the ideal wedding flowers. Sometime they actually know which flower they want to have but they don’t know the exact place to purchase it. If in case they locate the place to purchase the flower then it may be pricy and unaffordable as a result they have to settle down with some inexpensive alternative. However, you can make the process of purchasing wedding flower more interesting if you know some of the effective tips on how to get the perfect wedding flowers.

Firstly, it is always better to make your planning in advance so that you will have plenty of time in your hand to decide what you actually desire. Moreover, you should also try to gather the images of your favorite flowers. It may be possible that you like a flower in one photo and the feather in another photo. But if you bring these two notions together then you will explore a unique wedding flower for your hair.

You have to decide whether you want to go with fabric flowers, fresh flowers or else faux flowers. However, each of this option is popular for its benefits and unique charm and surely one option will suit your requirements. If in case you prefer to go with fabric flowers then you need to decide whether you want to create your own fabric flower according to your wedding dress or else you want to buy fabric flowers online.

It can be a fun experience to create your own fabric flowers plus it is very simple and easy too. To create own flowers you don’t need to have years of experience. If you think you will not be able to make your own flower then seek help from your friends or relatives who will create flowers for you.

Purchasing readymade flowers can be an expensive option. The price of the readymade flowers may vary according to the quality you will select. If you select fabric flowers then you may simply add them on your hair comb or else you may attach them to the alligator clip simply by gluing or sewing. Another useful choice can be a headband and the color of the headband should be like your hair color.


No matter which type of flower you select but if you go with headbands then it can hold the flower as well as other accessories in place perfectly. Bridal headbands can be used by any female in the wedding ceremony. With the help of florist wire you can easily attach the fresh flowers on the alligator clip or hair comb.


It is suggested that if you want to create a clip with fresh flower for your hair then you need to shed the stem very short. After that you need to use a florist wire through the stem. After that you have to wrap it with the help of floral tape and then you have to fix it with comb or clip. You may also make the headbands look more attractive simply by adding feathers, crystals, pearls and flowers.

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