Holly Durst and Blake Julian: a Whirlwind Engagement!

Holly Durst and Blake Julian, whose chemistry on Bachelor Pad was palpable but led to his elimination on this week’s episode, have since gotten engaged!

Monday on Bachelor Pad, Holly handed Blake a note at the rose ceremony – right as he was about to get the boot – saying that it wasn’t the end for them.

That turned out to be rather telling.

Holly Durst and Blake Julian, both 28, flirted all season long, but their courtship was always complicated, given that Durst’s former fiance Stagliano was also on the program.

Durst — who competed on The Bachelor: London Calling and then dated fellow Bachelor Pad contestant and former fifth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Michael Stagliano — went on the second season of Bachelor Pad as a single woman following a tumultuous relationship with Stagliano where they were engaged but broke up twice. One time was Durst’s initiative, while the subsequent split was Stagliano’s decision.

Although Stagliano admitted he loved Durst and wanted her back during Bachelor Pad’s recent episodes, Durst felt an instant connection with Julian and quickly became attached to him after sharing an intimate kiss on a private one-on-one date.

Meanwhile, Blake (a castoff from Ashley Hebert‘s season of The Bachelorette) also got with psycho Melissa Schreiber and was wooed by nut job Erica Rose.

During the couples’ voting at the end of Monday night’s episode, Durst represented the swing vote and reluctantly chose to eliminate Julian and Erica Rose instead of Ella Nolan and Kirk DeWindt to preserve the feelings of Stagliano — who had been reeling from watching Julian win over his ex-fiancee’s heart.

The engaged couple Holly, 28 and Blake, 28 have been dating, since the filming of ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ has started in the month of June. The host, Reality Steve revealed that, Holly will be moving to South Carolina to stay with Blake, this week. This means that, the hopes of Holly and Michael getting together, has come to an end. Holly and Blake are very much into each other, as they have been dating all the season.

As per the reports, Blake Julian was involved with his fellow contestant Melissa Schreiber, most of the season. However, it seems that, the things have not worked in between the couple. Holly and Blake have been dating since long time and they have even attended a wedding together, just after the end of filming the season. Holly also went to Steamboat Springs with him on July 4, 2011 weekend. She also spent with him for a weekend last month, in South Carolina.

Congrats to the two and with they will hold their wedding soon. We are waiting for the wedding details including the anticipated wedding dress!

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