Dylan Lauren’s Wedding Dress Revealed-Designed by Her Father Ralph Lauren

Dylan, the daughter of Ricky Lauren of Manhattan, married Paul at her parents’ home in Bedford, New York on June 11th, last Saturday evening. She wore a wedding dress of her father’s design, who had the help of legendary wedding dresses designer Vera Wang.

There’s no way for Dylan to say no. Last Sunday in Montauk, after a sporty day of biking and jogging, Paul invited Dylan to the beach, where he had set up a table with six dozen pink roses. After Dylan Lauren seeing words spelled out with candies “You are my girl”, Paul got down on one knee, presented her with an emerald sparkler and then proposed to her. Dylan — who owns Dylan’s Candy Bar and happens to have a book, “Unwrap Your Sweet Life,” coming out in October.

Dylan Lauren, 37, is the owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar, a group of five candy stores in Manhattan; Roosevelt Field Mall; East Hampton, N.Y.; Houston; and Orlando, Fla. She graduated from Duke.

Paul Arrouet, 40, is a managing partner and a founder of Marblegate Asset Management in Greenwich, Conn., a distressed-debt hedge fund. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the son of Phyllis Monahan of Savannah, Ga., and Marcel Arrouet of West Falmouth, Mass. Rabbi Dr. Elliot J. Cosgrove officiated at the Bedford, N.Y., estate of the bride’s parents.

“It’s very romantic, majestic and classic but with a sexy twist,” Lauren told Self magazine last month.

The event was described by one insider as “an affair to remember,” reports People.

Today, we get the first look at her wedding dress, designed by her fashion designer father.

Designed with duchesse satin and silk tulle, the georgette embroidered wedding dresses with a tiered train look was kept under security lock down at Ralph Lauren’s New York store all for the wedding.

“I had to do something that was better than ever before,” the elder Lauren told Oprah Winfrey in a May interview. “When you do something for your family or your daughter, I mean it’s the only daughter I have – beautiful girl. I want to just give her something that she’d really treasure and give her something that would be really amazing. I want her to feel fantastic.”

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