Today the world is full of wonders; many couples don’t want to hold some romantic traditional weddings, but prefer to think about some unique ways for their weddings. Outer space wedding belongs to this kind of extraordinary themed wedding. If you have enough money and healthy body, now you can make your dream come true.

A few years ago, Cindy Cashman was planning to get married with Mitch Walling in outer space. They said they want to be the first couple to get married in the outer space and this trip would cost them$ 500,000. Then there were no following news about their wedding. However, according to what Rocketplane said before the flight, there would be four passengers for their outer space experience: the pilot, Cashman and Walling and an observer to perform the ceremony. This flight was planning almost one hour and they would experience about four minutes of microgravity in which they can float about.

Compared with the above couple, George and Loretta Whitesides wanted to be the first couple to spent honeymoon in space. It is also amazing, right? It is said that the honeymoon cost the couple $ 400,000. Their flight  lasted almost two and half hours by reaching the height of 360,000 feet above earth. There were two pilots on board and six passengers who experienced four to five minutes of microgravity.

If you do not have so much money, you also have chance to experience a weightless wedding. Nowadays, the plane can execute parabolic flight maneuvers, climbing sharply and descending several times, in order to create the weightless atmosphere without going into space.