Live in southwest Yunnan along the border with Myanmar, Va ethnic minority call themselves the people of the cave, which may be a reference to their legendary place of origin.

Local young people are free to love and prefer to get married with someone in the same village. If a young man falls in love with a girl and wants to marry her, he can snatch the headwear or bracelet of the girl in public to express his affection to her. Whether the girl agrees or not, she should make a great show of reluctance. If she does not go to ask the young man to return the headwear or bracelet within three days after snatching, the young man’s family will invite a matchmaker to the girl’s house to propose a marriage with presents and discuss the auspicious day of holding wedding.

Dreams are very important for Va people. They think if a person in love dreams of a big forest, a forest of bananas, flowing water in gutters or picking melons and fruit, it means he or she will lead a happy life after a marriage. Of course, these auspicious signs can improve the relation between two lovers.

It is very interesting that the wedding ceremony of  Blang ethnic minority is always held two or three times, while the young man’s family of Va ethnic minority has to send betrothal gifts three times for the girl. At first, they need to send six bottles of wine, several teas and so on; presenting tea here means good luck and happiness to the girl’s family. Then they should also send six bottles of wine to express the agreement of neighbors about this marriage. At last, they only send a bottle of wine for the girls’ mother to drink when praying for his daughter at night.

The wedding ceremony of Va ethnic group is very simple and always lasts for three days. In some places, as soon as the bride arrives at the groom’s family, the groom leads the bride to the farmland and does some work with his bride to show the new couple begins to live and work together from now on. In other places, at the banquet, it is the prestigious people in the village who ask the newlyweds whether they are willing to get married, or such questions like that, then he will pronounce the bride and groom husband and wife.