Chinese Traditional Wedding – Tatar Ethnic Minority



The Tatar have a unique style of their own wedding customs from China’s other minorities- Tatar marry, that is they always marry groom out to bride’s home firstly and then he is allowed to come back home with his bride.



Seeking marriage alliance at bride’s side many times by a matchmaker, the groom’s side should pay ‘bride-price‘ to bride after got the approval of her parents, usually, the ‘bride-price’ will include the whole set of clothes for bride from head to foot and, it is means the engagement.

According to Tatar ethnic minority’s traditional customs, wedding ceremony should be held at bride’s home, that is marry groom out to bride’s home. Some days before Tatar wedding, the groom should carry all clothes of bride, kitchenware, furnishings, foods for wedding and his own ‘maritage’ to bride’s home, as well as the gifts for bride’s parents, and then, on the wedding night, the groom is formally married out to bride’s home.



It is very interesting for Tatar’s wedding ceremony. On the wedding day, groom rides on the horse-drawn trolley, accompanied by the groomsmen, relatives and his friends. On the way to bride’s home for marrying, the accompanied young men playing the accordion, singing Tatar’s popular songs, namely ‘Jier’. The air is mixed with singing, tweedle, whistling, hubbubs and brimmed with happy atmosphere everywhere.

When the wedding procession arrives at the bride’s home, the group should walk around the courtyard firstly and then comes to the front gate of house. Facing to the closure gate, the only way for wedding group entering is to present gifts to people inside. After that, the groom should present luck penny when he enters the house, comes to bed and has the meals.

The wedding ceremony is held according to Islamism rules that starting by the imam reads lection and asks the new couples if they are willing to marry each other. Then, the imam will presents sugar water to them for drinking together after got their firm answer ‘Yes, I do’. Next morning following the wedding ceremony, the groom should pay a formal visit to parent-in-law, hold banquet and some amusements in his own home, and then, come back to the home of his parent-in-low in the evening. Usually speaking, it is funny that after wedding, the new couple should live in bride’s home for period of time, the time maybe 3 months, half a year or even lasting till their baby born out.


However, in Tatar, the bride’s parents always treat their son-in-law like to their own children. During the living period in bride’s home, parent-in-law will treat the groom with their best foods and make he feel satisfied and warm like living in his home.

The new couple will carry on bride’s all maritage when they go back to groom’s home for living. The groom’s relatives will block the bride’s way asking for sugar and gifts, and after the bride arrives at groom’s home, groom’s side will hold banquets to warmly welcome the bride.

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