Chinese Traditional Wedding-Qiang Ethnic Minority

In Qiang nationality wedding the bride is usually older than her bridegroom. As one of Chinese ethnic minority groups, there are several featured wedding customs in Qiang ethnic. At first, the bridegroom’s family asks a matchmaker to the bride’s home to make a proposal, taking with some noodles. If the bride’s family agrees and accepts these noodles, the bridegroom will arrange a banquet at bride’s home on a predetermined date. Both sides discuss the amount of betrothal gifts and wedding date.

Drinking ‘Za’ liquor( a kind of fermented alcohol) is a common ritual in Qiang Ethnice Minority. During the wedding, the groom’s family will regale the guests with the liquor, which is brewed with wheat, barley, corn and other roughage, and then stored in a jar. On the wedding, they usually drink the liquor with long bamboo, rattan pipe, reed cane or other tube with which you can insert into the bottom of the jar. The groom and bride are the first ones to drink the liquor, and then it turns to the elder and the guests. Adding pure water into the liquor during drinking till it tastes light.

The next important part of Qiang wedding rituals is ‘guahong’ activity that the guests place the long red satin on the bridegroom’s neck. The red satins symbolize good luck, with which they show worship to ancestors. The more red satins there are, the happier they will be.

 After picking up-escorting the bride, the bride can’t enter into the groom’s house until the groom scatters a handful of rice on the ground, kills a chanticleer in front of the door and splashes the blood on the gate which means driving away evils. Finally, the bride and bridegroom enter into the nuptial chamber.

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