Chinese Traditional Wedding-Monba Ethnic Minority

Monba ethnic group resides mainly in Medog, Nyingchi and Cuona Counties in the Tibet Autonomous Region. “Monba” refers to the people living in a beautiful virgin land. The wedding ceremony is quite interesting in Monba ethnic group.

Drinking three times

On the wedding day, it is two groomsmen and two groom’s relatives who are responsible for escorting the bride to the groom’s home. As the bride’s relatives play the most important role at the wedding, the groom’s family will ingratiate them with wine. When the team comes in the bride’s village, first wine is prepared- people from the groom’s side waiting in the street toast a bowl of sweet rice wine. There are butter on the bowl and hada (white long sick) on the wine pot for luck. If the bride’s relatives don’t drink the wine, the toastmaster will sing toasting song and praise the bride until they drink wine up.

The second wine comes on the back way the groom’s home-four persons from the groom’s side are waiting for toasting to the bride’s relatives. When the team comes back to the groom’s village, they usually have the third wine. If ‘three wine’ are passed, the wedding ceremony will be successful. Otherwise the bride’s relatives will make trouble at the wedding ceremony.

Changing the bride’s outfit

The bride is dressed up in her own home. She wears red robe with amulet and pearl, wraps a cowhide on her back and wears white-black brimless hat. When the bride enters into the groom’s house, she drinks a bowl of wine and then wears new outfit prepared by the groom’s family. This means the bride turns over a new leaf. And it is an interesting difference the bride should change her hairstyle in her own house or groom’s room in Tu ethnic group.

Bride’s Uncle: the Wedding Ceremony Meddler

A humorous episode is that the uncle of bride finds fault of the groom for the whole wedding ceremony. The bride’s uncle uncle is the most privileged guest in the process of the wedding ceremony. And in Nu ethnic group the uncle of groom is equally an important role before the bride enters the room. When the uncle comes, groom’s parents will present hada (white long sick) to him immediately and seat him in the honored place. Much food, especially a cow, a pig and sheep should be prepared on the table. However, the uncle is always dissatisfied with the ceremony. He might complain: “Why isn’t the meat well cut?” “Do you mean our girl is not perfect?” Although everything is well prepared, the uncle will still be picky, such as: “Why is the tea so cold?” “Why is the wine so hot?” The groom will offer good wine and unceasing flattering words to the brides uncle until he feels content and stop complaining.

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