As one of ethnic groups of China, Kazakh is a nationality favors cleanness and manners. Therefore they have many rules and traditions to follow in their lives especially for wedding.

Being after girls” is a popular folkloric game among young guys of Kazak, which is also a special way for them to express love. During the game, boys walk after beloved girl and make confessions while the girl should only listen to it without any objection. However, on the way back, it is the girl who has the right to choose whether to accept the offer. Instead of direct refusal, the girl would give man some difficulties and almost unrealizable task.

In Kazakh wedding traditions, wedding lasts for 40 days beginning with matchmaking. This is because a Kazakh marriage involves a contract between families which requires lots of negotiation.

There is a religious part of the Kazakh wedding ceremony called “Neke Qiyu”.The “Neke Qiyu “usually takes place on the evening of the day when the bride is shown to her groom’s family! Another interesting custom is called “betashar”. Or it could also be named as “revealing of the face”! When the bride arrives at the groom’s house, she covered her face.When it comes to the bridal veil, it reminds me the special black veil in Lisu ethnic group. It is the only ethnic minority that don’t use traditional red bridal veil.As for me, I prefer red one, too. Entering the house, the bride greets the fire at the hearth. After she shows respect to her groom’s family, her veil is lifted and she will get a kiss from her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law then puts a white scarf on bride’s head to symbolize her marital status and welcome her to the new family. After this ceremony, there is another one called “Fording ceremony”. The relatives of the bridegroom should take a fording with the bride’s brother or sister-in-law together to show that both sides will keep the promise of marriage.

All wedding is accompanied by contests and games. Young people compete in telling jokes. However, the idea behind all the revelry is the union of two lovers, two families and two clans. After the feast the newlyweds will leave for their own yurt accompanied by a wedding song “zhar-zhar” about the joining of two hearts.