Chinese Traditional Wedding—Dong Ethnic Minority

The Dong ethnic group of China locates in the remote mountain valley region in Guizhou and Guangxi province. With a total population exceeding 1.4 million, people of dong ethnic group live in different areas with various customs and traditions on wedding.

Change Lantern Cord

On the wedding eve, there is a way guide who is chosen by the groom’s relatives to hang the bridegroom’s lantern on the bride’s door while hastening the bride three times to set off. The bride will go out of the door reluctantly and then leave for the bridegroom’s house with the way guide. And before that, the bride will cut off the grass cord of the lantern and take out a ribbon to fasten the lantern. This is to indicate that her and the bridegroom’s hearts have already closely linked together.

Charming Dong Silver Jewelry and Embroidery Wedding Gown

The Dong ethnic minority regards silver as precious material for most dazzling jewelry. For Dong people,silver jewelry comprising corollas, hairpins, combs, chaplets, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earring will be amassed for young girls by their family since their childhood.

It is a complicated process for making even a single hand-made Embroidery Wedding Gown with about six to seven embroidery techniques. Mother always begins to prepare for daughter’s wedding gown as soon as the baby girl is born. There are fantastic embroidered images of trees, geometrical figures, flowers and plants on the wedding gown and all of these are hand-made.

The precious wedding gown is viewed as the most splendid costume in whole life of a girl in Dong ethnic group. You can’t imagine that some brides even wear gowns that have been passed down from their grandmothers. And after wedding ceremony, the wedding gown will be worn only on special festivals.

Trial Marriage

There is special” Trial Marriage” for people of Dong ethnic group. According to their wedding rituals, it is forbidden for the bride’s family members to enter the groom’s village during the first day of the wedding celebration and the newlyweds will not live together directly after the Dong Ethnic Minority Wedding. They will firstly have a trial marriage instead. During this period, the groom has the right to ask for a divorce if the bride doesn’t get pregnant; in return, the bride also keeps her right to love someone else. The new beloved one of the bride only has to pay double betrothal gifts: one is to make compensation for the former bridegroom while the other is for the bride. Thus it can be seen that the marital customs Dong ethnic group are quite liberating.

Solid Diet on Wedding

The people of Dong ethnic group have inherited characteristics of hospitality and diligence. You don’t have to give monetary gifts; a basket of traditional food is enough as wedding gift. The pictures below show the various and distinctive food for wedding. There is no doubt that you will have a solid diet on their wedding.

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