Chinese Traditional Wedding—-Derung Ethnic Minority

Derung is a small ethnic group with population of about 5, 000 in China. Most of them live in Derung Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. Over all these years Derung still keeps many primeval marital customs.

People of Derung are good at singing and dancing and they all like to express their feelings by singing and dancing. When young boys and girls fall in love with each other, they will also dance and sing to confess their love. For weddings, Derung people must be come with presents because this is such a kind and passionate ethnic group that permits polygamy. The way of marriage is complicated in Derung history. The monogamy was established while polygamy still exists.

Saying Marriage

There is an interesting marriage custom of Derung ethnic group—–saying marriage. It happens when some guy falls in love with a girl, he will invite a married man who is also good at speaking to act as the matchmaker for saying marriage. After the man accepts the task, he will go to the girl’s house with a teapot, a colorful bag of tea, cigarette and a tub. On the arrival at the girl’s house, the man should put teapot on the fire at once, then taking bowels from shelf to get ready for making tea. The man will put bowls to father, mother, brothers, sisters and the girl in sequence after the tea is done. At last, the man talks about marriage. The girl’s family will soon drink the tea if the marriage is allowed. On the contrary, if they do not approve, no one drinks it until the next evening. The matchmaker will continue to come in the second and third evening. It will be considered a failure if there is still no one drinks the tea. If the young guy still loves the girl, he can send a matchmaker next year.

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