Daur is the title that people of Daur Ethnic Minoritycall themselves, which means pioneer. Daur people mainly inhabit the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Heilongjiang Province. There are some unusual marriage rituals in Daur.

Chicken liver decides wedding day

The special way of Daur people setting a marriage date is based on superficial feature of the liver of a chick killed by the groom together with the bride. If the liver hasn’t an auspicious appearance, the couple will kill another chick until chicken liver has lucky sign. Although it is cruel, the traditional custom can’t be changed. To celebrate the decision of wedding date, the groom and the bride will have a feast and drink a bowl of liquor.

Sending the bride

Unlike Chinese other ethnic groups, the bride is escorted to the groom’s home by her own brothers and cousins and bridesmaids, instead of by the groom and groomsmen in Daur ethnic minority. Without any crying when she leaves, they sing joyful songs all the way.

Welcome Drinking and Stealing Kitchenware

When the escorts arrive at the groom’s home, the groom’s parents will first toast a cup of welcome wine to them. And the escorts should take the wines bottom up to show that they become the members of the groom’s family. Another interesting thing is the bride’s partners steal goblets, chopsticks, bowls and plates to tease the groom when they have a banquet as kitchenware are indispensable in daily life. If the groom seeks out the kitchenware, the one will be punished to drink a glass. You may find that in Tujia ethnic group it is the groom’s partners that stealthily hide the rice bowls at their chests or under their arms during the big dinner prepared by the bride’s family.

After the wedding, the procession may stay for one night and leave the other day while the groom’s parents toast the ‘send-off wine’ to them.