Chinese Chopsticks for Your Wedding Setting



A Chinese Traditonal Wedding is not quite complete without a set of wood chopsticks to sit right next to a plate, as chopsticks are the trademark of Chinese cultures and may add some Asian-inspired styles to the setting of your wedding. Anyone using chopsticks would admire the invention of chopsticks.


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Nowadays there are many kinds of Chinese chopsticks featured with different meanings. Having the happy couple’s names and wedding date laser engraved on the chopsticks is a very good idea. Let us enjoy inspirational Chinese chopsticks, and you must find one that matches your wedding theme well.

This pair of personalized chopsticks is made of hardwood with a tapered end for easy food pick up. It is very convenient for use.

These Chinese chopsticks are made of wood with silver plated in the ends and the matching silver holder design adds elegance and luxury to this wood chopsticks.

The Cherry Blossom Chopsticks is perfect for presentation at dinner. The pink blossoms on yellow branches is wrapped around the top of each chopstick.


You can also treat chopsticks as wedding favors to give each guest. This chopstick in silk Pouches decorated with white cherry blossoms is your good choice. It may express your thankful and wish your guest a long, healthy and prosperous life.

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