Buying a Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses come in various styles, shades and patterns. For different seasons you have a unique wedding dress which you will get. Similarly every person has a different body structure so the dress and style has to be different. Picking the right dress for your wedding is difficult but you have several options to try.

There is countless number of styles which are available in the market but not all styles will suit a person. You have to see your figure and then decide which dress will look beautiful on you. You have the traditional style as well the modern style to select from. No one can tell you which the best dress is for you because it is you who can better tell the dress that best suites oneself.


Buying a Wedding Dress: Style

There are different factors which need to be considered when you are buying a dress. The four factors are given below:

o Type of wedding

o Your personality

o Your budget

o Your culture and that of your future husband

Keeping the above four points in mind you will be able to find a better dress. When you have to talk to a designer you must keep these things in minds and tell then what your expectations are. Be clear with the look that you want so that the designer can suggest you some options. You can try a few options and see whether anyone is appealing or not. You can save time and search for better options to get your dress designed.

The wedding type is also important because the dress will be designed according to that only. The wedding can either take place in the church or in an open hall. Even beaches and gardens are a good option where you can plan your wedding. Some people even choose islands so that the people are free to move and about and enjoy the scenic beauty long with the wedding.

If your wedding is held in outdoor places then you will have to refine your choices. It is because it will be difficult for you to manage a gown with high heels. Therefore a better option will be to select a pretty gown with which you can wear flats that look awesome. There is a huge variety when it comes to flats so select the perfect pair which matches with your dress. You can try short dresses which are easy to manage and you will feel comfortable. The hem which you pick must be a little heavy so that it can suit the purpose.

Some of the people think that train is a good idea but this is not so. At the outdoor places the train can get dirty especially if it is of white color. If the weather is not good then the train can create problem as it will blow here and there. Thus it will be good that you wear a simple wedding dress which looks beautiful.

The wedding dress tells something about your nature. The color and the style which you select give brief information about your personality and what kind of person you are. You might have searched a lot to finalize that one dress you will be wearing for your wedding. Though this day is special but still you can give a message which will be helpful to the other people.

While selecting your wedding dress you must consider the shape of your body. It is because of the simple reason that not styles suit a person so you need to be a bit careful while picking a particular style. If you are going to a bridal store then you can select a style and first try it. In case you are approaching a designer then they will tell you the style made for your figure. The dress should not be too heavy or you will not be able to carry it while moving. Hence select the right dress which goes with your figure and you look stunning.

If you have a slim figure then sleeveless dresses are best for you. They not only look smart but ideal for summer seasons. Such kinds of dresses reveal your figure and one looks prettier in it. You can buy a dress which is heavy at the waist so that the real beauty comes out. Try to get simple skirts with small folds in it so that your figure appears nice.

Plan your budget while purchasing a wedding dress. Think of the occasion and then buy because most of the brides think that their daughter will wear the dress. But this is not true because your daughter may have a different choice and she may not like the dress which you have. So do not waste money in buying costly dresses but search for a dress which is cheap as well as beautiful. This will save your money as once a wedding dress is worn it is of no use.

If you feel that a lot of money is being consumed on your dress then you can ask your friend to assist you in designing the dress. You can design the dress and ask the tailor to stitch it. In case you know how to do stitching then you can buy the fabric of your choice and design the dress. This is the best option only if you know about fashion and designing the wedding costume.

Culture is very essential when you need to buy a dress. The wedding costume should be such that it reflects the tradition and the culture to which you belong. Though there are unlimited options to try different wedding dresses but one must emphasize more on their culture and choose the perfect dress. This will make your family happy that you still believe in the culture and try to carry it forward. In a Scottish wedding you will get to see tartans as well as highland kilts. They add unique stuff to make the dress more appealing and striking.

Same is the condition with the Chinese culture as they love red color the most. Thus most of the things in the wedding will be of red color. The Greek wedding uses flowers which form the attire of the bride and the groom both.

Buying a Wedding Dress – Color

The color white is used by most of the brides but nowadays there is no such custom. The brides are free to select any color they want. The color white was meant for the virginity which was further tested if the bed sheet was found with blood on it. This trend is not prevalent but still there are many people who still believe in such things. The times have changed and more colors are being selected to make the wedding dress more colorful. Cream and other colors are more in demand.

Color red is also beautiful for a wedding dress which signifies love and joy. But this does not mean that other colors are not good. Once can pick any color they want because it is your choice which color best suites you. Even purple is an excellent choice for the people who like this shade and it suit them. In China red is a color which is quite popular. You can also consult your in-laws to ensure that you can wear some other color or not.

Buying a Wedding Dress – Stories for You

One will definitely get tired after going through such a tiring week by selecting a dress. Therefore the best thing which you can do is to relax and read good books. If you love reading books then you can try some of the books including My Wedding Dress: True-Life Tales of Lace, Laughter and Tulle by Random House (ISBN: 978-0-676-97846-9; 0-676-97846-0) published in the year 2007 and many more. Such books deal with the feelings that go within a person when they are going to get married. This book is a wonderful book which must be read by ever bride who is getting married.

If you like reading then there are different kinds of essays which you can go through. There are about 26 essays which are beautifully written and have lots of sentiments in it. You will really feel touched after reading it.

Another thing which you can do is to read about wedding. There are numerous books and essays which you can read and get to know about the wedding. This will make your mind refresh and you will not feel tired. Some of the names are given here: Canadian Press (May 2005) which is a story of a couple called as Christopher Cummings and Charity O’Brien. Weddings on Ice is another book together with Exchanging Vows on Alaskan Glaciers.

Guess what the bride wore to her glacier wedding?

The traditional white dress is the correct option which can give a pretty look to you.

Even the satin dresses look beautiful on such occasions as it gives the best effect.

Such dresses can be a surprise as the groom will like the beautiful dress that you wear.

Thus it is your day and you have full freedom to select the best wedding costume which is perfect for you.

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