August Celebrity Wedding Anniversaries – Robbie Williams for Ayda Field

August celebrity wedding anniversaries include one pampered in paradise promise for Ayda.

Robbie is said going to take wife Ayda Field on an exotic holiday to mark for their first wedding anniversary in August 2011.

The couple is not convinced to have had a honeymoon after having their wedding at their Los Angeles mansion last year, on August 7th, and now Robbie has planned to give her a surprise.

A source told that, “Ayda’s always by his side when he’s touring or working on something but time alone as a newly married couple has been scarce because they tried to see as many friends as possible in LA before going away for the Progress tour.”

“Now Robbie Williams has promised to take Ayda on the honeymoon they never had last year and says she’ll be pampered in paradise.”

Beautiful model Ayda Field, 32, was seen in a sexy lingerie and swimwear shoot, has been at Robbie’s side throughout Take That’s Progress tour, which wrapped up in ­Munich, Germany, on last Friday.

Robbie, the 37-year old singer, who married Ayda on August 7th, 2010, said in his blog: “Someone asked about holiday after the tour. No plans ­whatsoever. LA will be all the holiday we need.

Robbie, due to host ­bandmate Gary Barlow’s acts at his LA ­mansion in the judges’ houses section of X Factor in 2011, said he’d managed to whisk his bride off to Paris for a few days before the European tour’s final show.

Questioned on the reasons for the delay, the Love Supreme hitmaker argued that they’ve made a world tour during the Take That’s Progress show.

And Robbie added: “I’ve just take Ayda to Paris for a few days. She loves Paris, she kinda grew up there. I love Paris too.”

The insider reveals: “Robbie’s opened a door to Europe and they’ve been able to sell out huge venues. That’s not happened since the early days. So the boys are definitely going to see if they have another album.”

Almost a year’s marriage with Ayda Field, Take That star Robbie Williams admits they are trying to create a baby. Seeing on Robbie Williams’s blog,presently touring Europe with Take That – admitted he was eager to start a family with Ayda as soon as possible so he could teach his child how to play football on the full-size pitch playground whichbelongs to part of his Beverly Hills estate.

We can still remind on that big day, when Ayda Field wore a strapless wedding dress with a bustled skirt and white flowers in her hair while Williams wore a black tux, they are taking hands with each other, walked down an aisle scattered with white rose petals. What a beautiful moment it was! That will be cherished in most of our hearts and we do hope their happy marriage will last for long.


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