All That Glitters Might Just Be Gold!

Unleash your inner diva on your big day with all things metallic. We’re talking plenty of high shine yet volumes of style.

Clockwise from left to right:
Metallic vases and cutlery / Sparkling plates / Cakes in metallic hues / Shiny party favours
First things first,  the wedding decor.  Keep things from stepping over to the flashy and tacky side by ensuring small dosages of metallics here and there.  For example,  choose a white tablecloth and accent it with silver napkins or a silver or gold napkin ring.  Candleholders or vases in a complimentary shinier shade than your tablecloth will also work wonders.  Include metallic balloons or even have your wedding cake decorated with some shiny icing.  Just keep in mind that you want to wow your guests not blind them so remember that when it comes to metallics and decor,  a little really does go a long way.

 A sequined capelet will accessorize your bridesmaids perfectly and for the best men, a shiny bow tie adds a hint of quirky glam Now moving on to your party people,  or rather the bridesmaids and best men.  Have the girls dolled up with a metallic eyeshadow and a little dusting glitter on the collarbones and strategic parts of their faces will certainly make them look that much more radiant. Accessories-wise,  a sequined sash or a pair of shiny shoes will tie the whole look together.  For the boys,  have them suit up with metallic ties.

And most importantly,  you and your other half.  For grooms to be,  opt for a metallic tie in a shade complimentary to your future wife’s gown. You could also incorporate metallics into your outfit with a piece of shiny brooch or perhaps a top hat decorated with a touch of glitter.  If you intend to take things further,  opt for some sparkly shoes or even a jacket reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson and his famous bold outerwear that are,  more often than not,  shiny and shimmery.  For brides to be,  decorate your floral arrangements with shiny ribbons that will compliment the flowers you’ve chosen.  For instance,  pink or white blooms will look gorgeous tied up with a silver ribbon whereas red blooms and gold ribbons go well together.

Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2012
Outfit-wise,  you could choose to play it safe by pairing your dress with glittery shoes and sparkling accessories or amp up the volume with a dress that’s full-on glitterati. This is precisely why when it comes to decorating your wedding venue,  you should go with modest hints of metallics;  so you can go all out with your own outfits.

Take a leaf out of famous designer Elie Saab’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection (as shown above). He showcases gowns that drip languidly off the body and while most metallics tend to look heavy on a person,  he manages to do the polar opposite and presents pieces that are not only heavy with metallic adornments but look extremely light in movement.

Get inspired and get sparkly because what better way to shine on your big day then with things that,  quite literally,  shine!

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