2011 Summer Trendy Wedding Dresses – Colorful

In summer, we’re longing for cool. If you’ll get married this season, why not choose to be a flamboyant bride. Don’t think about traditional wedding rules, just travel freely to marry and to be a unique bride. Put off winter’s dull white, gray, black, use bright colors to greet summer. Now, let me introduce several colorful styles this season.

In this season with scorching sun, a touch of Pearl Wedding Dress can bring you unusual and fresh good mood. Pearl pink is soft, pretty and feminine. The subtle splash of color gives a hint of boldness while still maintains beauty. Try to imagine yourself looking absolutely gorgeous in this lovely gown, striking your charming look and sweetest smile.

These light chiffon pink wedding gowns will take away the heat of summer and bring you a cool, comfortable feeling from the heart. Pink color is flirtatious, passionate and chiffon is called a light and romantic fabric. If you desire to dance in a flowing, bright dress, now finally your dream realizes! For a beach wedding, this dress will be the best choice.

This champagne wedding dress is bound with noble for the reason that its delicate style and royal color have a little more retro taste, as if bring you back into the palace of the Middle Ages. This strapless gown designed with exquisite appliqué shows off bride’s sexy collarbone, and long-sleeved wrap keeps you graceful and feminine. Would you like to have a try?

Light gold wedding gowns are outstanding, adding endless joy to your wedding. Blooming the charm this season, light gold is luxurious, bright, with elegant temptation. These light Gold Wedding Gowns made in distinctive texture and cut, highlights splendid appliques on bust and skirt, adding limitless radiant. It scatters sumptuous, glorious sense. It’s the best alternative if you will have luxury theme wedding.

Have you seriously considered red wedding gowns? This red dress, fashioned with sparkling beading and pleating, will give you some great hints and tips. Unique, elegant, feminine, seductive, voluptuous…You will be hard to suppress the strong desire, let you crazy once last with red.

These stylish and simple wedding gowns with a bit rebel, yet captivation, do you like them? View more information about colorful wedding dresses at ALICEPUB.

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